Urban dictionary – Tel Aviv Slang – Part 2

Let’s Continue – Part 2:

[toggle title_open=”Lenashnesh oto (masc.)/a (fem.) לנשנש אותו\ה (Le’nash-nesh otoe/otah)” title_closed=”Lenashnesh oto (masc.)/a (fem.) לנשנש אותו\ה (Le’nash-nesh otoe/otah)” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]verb/adj.- I want that person, that person is hot (literally translated- to snack on him/her)

This one is relatively new, it’s a little crude, but we like it! You can use this as an action, to describe how much you want someone/what you would do to them OR as an adjective to describe someone when you at a lack for better words. Make sure your conjugation is at it best to use this could end up sounding like a doofus.

Ex. -Oh wow do you see that bartender overthere? -Yea, I want to lenashnesh oto! Mmm

Ex. -Hows that new girl your seeing? -SO HOT, Lenashnesh ota! [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Bassa באסה (pronounced like its spelled)” title_closed=”Bassa באסה (pronounced like its spelled)” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]adj.- disappointing, underwhelming, depressed/depressing. Used to describe something or someone (after correctly conjugated!).

Ex. -How are you feeling after the break up? -I’m in such a bassa…

Ex. -The food at that restaurant was so bassa(improper) mevaess(proper).

*note- this is a simple word people, use it correctly! The letter “BET” when place after another letter sounds like a V. So after conjugating it to describe something other than a feeling (masculine or feminine) you place an “Mem”(“M” sound) before the word. I.e. MEVAESSET (fem.) MEVAESS (masc.), sounds like meh-vah-ess[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Chai/a be’seretחי\ה בסרט (Hayi/a beh seret) ” title_closed=”Chai/a be’seretחי\ה בסרט (Hayi/a beh seret) ” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”] adj.- delusional (literally translated- living in a movie) This catchy little phrase is used to describe someone who has absolutely no clue, and lives in la la land, or someone who think their shit don’t stink.

Ex. -Did you see that girl?! What was she wearing??

-Yea, she is so chaia be`seret its unbelievable

Ex. -Gosh, that guy just won’t give up, he hits on every girl in here! – He is chai be’seret if he thinks he can get anyone.

Ex. -If my professor thinks I can get all this done AND study for a test, he is so chai be’seret! [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Retzach רצח (rets-acH ) adj.- extreme/ly (literally translated- murder) ” title_closed=”Retzach רצח (rets-acH ) adj.- extreme/ly (literally translated- murder) ” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]A little bizarre, I know, but kids will be kids! This is used to describe anything that is surprisingly extreme.

Ex. -Wow it’s hot retzach outside today!

Ex. -That test was hard retzach![/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Ma Neesh מה ניש (pronounced like its spelled)” title_closed=”Ma Neesh מה ניש (pronounced like its spelled)” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]greeting/question- What’s up?, What’s going on? This is a very new edition to Hebrew slang, it’s a phrase that became popular because of a funny ‘teenaged’ character on the T.V. sketch comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” on channel 2. It’s kind of a joke about how Israeli youth/young adults these days have slang words for everything (which is true…there are only 15 here but there are tons more!).

“Ma Neesh” is the shorter version of Ma Neeshma? (How are you? etc.).

It at first was used jokingly and very sporadically but has since become uber-popular and a part of everyday language and a fun way to start any conversation!

Ex. -Ma Neesh?! -Walla, Sababa, Ha kol Dvash! [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”CHalushes חלושס (Ha-Looshes)” title_closed=”CHalushes חלושס (Ha-Looshes)” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]adj. – boring, not great, weak (a play on the word HALASH-weak) Used to describe something that disappointed you. To use this guy you should at least somewhat have your Hebrew accent down in order to make the “CHET” sound.

Ex. -Did you hear that new album? -Yea it was chalushes for sure.

Ex. -Want to go out tonight? -I don’t think so I’m so chalushes after having the flu

*antonyms-(see Chazak/Esh)[/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Yalla יאללה” title_closed=”Yalla יאללה” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”](pronounced like it’s spelled) verb- C’mon, let’s go, hurry up, I’m in This word is a must in any Hebrew speaker wannabe’s dictionary; it’s basically the mother of all Hebrew slang. It can be used in a ton of different ways and you’ll hear it multiple times a day in different tones.

Ex. – You want to go to the beach? -YALLA!

Ex. – I hate studying for this test! -Yalla, yalla… just get it over with Ex. -WERE LATE YALLA MOVE! [/toggle]

[toggle title_open=”Af (masc.) /a (fem.) ali (AF A-LIE) עפ עליי” title_closed=”Af (masc.) /a (fem.) ali (AF A-LIE) עפ עליי” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]verb- really in to me, going off on me (literally translated-“ flying on me”)

This one’s very popular but a little tricky; it can be used positively or negatively. You can say this about someone who is totally into you or is really enthusiastic about you (doesn’t necessarily have to be a sexual connotation, it can also be about your boss really liking your work for example) OR it can be used if someone really laid into you or is pissed off at you and gave you a piece of their mind.

NOW, bear with me here, you can also “AF” on other people (ex. Ani AF ALEIHA- I’m so into that girl). WARNING: this should be used only by those who speak conversational Hebrew, this is not a mix and match phrase. … but you’ll get the hang of it. [/toggle]

There you have it! 15 phrases and words that you should know—learn them; live them; love them…because here in Tel-Aviv we definitely do! And don’t you worry about your accent, they are laughing with you, not at you…seriously, they like it.

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