• Tiul im vaal sheli. Con Marcelo :-) (@ King George St. / רח' קינג ג'ורג in Tel Aviv) https://t.co/cTqSz4DlY4
  • FWD: @DansDeals: LOT Polish: JFK To Tel Aviv For $698.82 Round-Trip. http://t.co/FiOsR13Hzn/s/JGF0 http://t.co/qE85Uxx2o9
  • RT @MaccabiElectra: Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv wishes happy birthday to @maric_aleks! Keep working hard and good luck tomorrow! #MazalTov htt…
  • What do you think about @oriolpamies and my new haircut? @studiohafif , Tel Aviv 😚✂️ http://t.co/0GQyEobmQq
  • Jop Openings in Tel Aviv: 1. Editor (English) 2. Counter-terrorism analyst who is fluent in English + French, G... http://t.co/c3f0DB4K22
  • @FreeslaverJimmy @LaSioncratie Pas de soucis la MLP entretient un sbire de Tel Aviv.
  • RT @IsraelinMexico: Tel Aviv se renueva. Torres, cocheras y anfiteatro http://t.co/xOZTFVL8ZU
  • @sylvainjBD Je suis l'oeil du lobby :) Après l'oeil de Moscou, je suis l'oeil de Tel Aviv/Mykonos/Barcelone/(ville gay cliché au choix !)
  • Kfar Maccabia Hotel and Suites, Tel Aviv, w/Air, 13 Nights, From $1,536 (Expedia) http://t.co/qEjZcmgh8U
  • Kfar Maccabia Hotel and Suites, Tel Aviv, w/Air, 13 Nights, From $1,536 (Expedia) http://t.co/HfncBpYbdq
  • » Guns N’ Roses rocks out Hatikvah as a segway to Don’t Cry in their Tel Aviv concert a few years ago http://t.co/YrhnIqfBr6
  • Да просто так. Настроение такое воронье. @ Meir Park, Tel Aviv http://t.co/LYt6a0iMYN
  • ACRI is seeking two motivated International Relations Interns to work in our Tel Aviv office from Jan 2015! Details: http://t.co/pzMeBIU9Eo
  • Nina Hagen, who originates from East Germany, is slated to perform in Tel Aviv on December 16th, 2014. Hagen,... http://t.co/wHjCKqeVdT
  • RT @Isragent: Work begins on final #tunnel for #Jerusalem - #TelAviv link http://t.co/elgwKNhu8L http://t.co/mb0ls0qBNt #Israel http://t.c


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