Best of TLV Links

Here’s a list of Best of Tel-Aviv’s Friends:

Hotels de Tel AvivHotels, collocations, apartments: the blog that brings together the best plans for your stay in Tel Aviv.

T in Tel-Aviv Life, food and fun in Tel Aviv and in Israel.

Oh So Arty – Arty Life in the city

Israel Star News News about Israel in English and French

Backpacking Israel The Prime Location on the Web for Hiking, Backpacking, Adventure Travel and Budget Accommodation  in Israel and the Holy Land

Yaffo Winery – A Tel-Aviv Based Boutique Winery That started out in old Jaffa at 1998 and now is located both in Tel-Aviv and Ella-Vally

The Royal ExcursionGreat Stylish Blog!

Tel Aviv Tips – Mapping out Tel Aviv for you.

tik ochel – A photographer and a chef get together to create a fantastik blog! (written in hebrew for now and great for traveling out of the city!)

The Varsano – One of the best boutique hotels in Tel Aviv in a great location to boot.



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