Who are Team “tikochel”? (lunch box)

Afik Gabay, a photographer from Tel Aviv. Graduate “Camera Obscura” and “Minshar art school”, started taking pictures during his work for bagels chain ​​ in London.

He worked as Fashion photographer until he realized that Food photography is the right way and represent the true love of photography and then comes the real connection that shows the art of food documentation.

Ines Shilat yanay, a chef from the north Graduate School of Media, came from combination of Italian and Tunisian cuisine; fell in love with the art of cooking since childhood.  After the army she spent several months in Paris and studied the field of baking and dough, over the years began to study and specialize in kitchens from different countries and now also runs cooking classes voluntarily for young people with special needs and also in sign language.

In 2011 Afik met Ines that was in writing stages of her first cookbook and was looking for a “person to record her food as she would like people to really see it”

The first project was launched when Ines  is responsible for the recipes and Afik on dish design, decor and photography.

With every picture that created for the cooking book they realized that the road for a joint blog was only a matter of time.
When the emphasis is on a food blog that connected to earth, nature and traditions and encapsulates it all to a picture “just like it should be showed”

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