Upper class Tel-Aviv – Basel Square area

The Basel Square is a connection of Basel, Ashtori, Hashla and Elkaly Street. It has about 5 great coffee shops to sit in:

  • Ashtori Cafe
  • The Streets
  • LULU
  • Elkalay
  • Basel

Except these coffee shops, there are great shops all around and on a bright sunny day, the best place to take coffee is not from the listed coffee shops, it’s even better to take-away from Arcaffe and sit in the Square.

Enjoy your day in Basel and don’t let the posers scare you, they’re not local anyway, there just playing like they are 🙂

The Basel Square is a great place to bring the kids.

Another important thing to know, Is that the Basel Square area is also a great location to bring the kids to play around and meet the other locals 🙂

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