Underground Beer in Allenby’s Pasáž

It was a cold winter night. A friend called and invited me to some bday party at some new place called Pasáž. Feeling bored & adventurous I went out to face the freezing rain. It was worth it. I discovered my new favorite bar in town.

Pasáž lies at Allenby 94. There’s no sign, just a staircase leading underground and the faint noise of music. Follow it down and you’ll see that Pasáž is not a room, but a space. Quirky collector’s shops with hand painted signs operate there by day, their facades providing an intriguing background to the drinkers by night. Not to mention a small tree.

Take a seat at one of 2 bars or on a second hand chair or sofa. The waiters are peppy and the beer is freshly served in hard plastic glasses. Munchies are usually on the house and if you’re nice you may get an alcoholic surprise. Some food is available as well. I tried the veggie dim sums and to my astonishment they were excellent.

DJ’s provide eclectic music daily, from old school hip hop to indie rock. This summer Tuesdays are dedicated to a “Back To Mine” series, bringing famous musicians and DJs to play the music they listen to at home.

Though the music is good, it’s not the main course. Pasáž is an upbeat youngster bar where you can hang out and converse with friends, and if you feel friendly get to know someone new – maybe in the oddly cool unisex toilet, or while playing ping pong, Berlin style, at one of the tables.