The Flea Market Area In Tel-Aviv, Jaffa – Old Vs. New

About 3-4 years ago when I took my tourist friends to the Jaffa Flea Market, we actually went to the flea market itself, And today when I take out of town people to the same area, there is so much more to see and do rather than just the market.

Old Vs. New

The Flea market area Is totally packed during Fridays, and If its your first time in the city then you have to check it out on this day.
However, after you did that, I recommend to check out the spot during the weekdays, that’s when you really can get great bargains and easily find a seat in one of the many places out there.

When you really have time to check out the place you immediately see that there is a crazy mix of high end fashion boutiques and gift shops, next to old fish restaurants and vintage shops. That is the true magic of this area!

So? What to check out at the Yaffo Flea-Market Area?

I Promise that very soon I will elaborate On every single place that I recommend on, but for now, you will just have to take my word 🙂
These are my friends hang out places in the Yaffo flea market:

  • Poa – A very vintage style place with a weird but tasty menu that sells every vintage item you see in the place!
  • Margoza Bar – Right in front of the Poa, great bar…Say no more 🙂
  • Charcuterie – Amazing Sausages based restaurant with a great vibe!
  • One Bedroom – Lifestyle shop, A great example of the new age shops in the flea-market

These spots are something to begin with, ask around and use your legs, it’s a small area that holds many secret spots, take your time and discover them.