Teder Bar & Radio – Season 4

Summer’s here, and you know what that means. Time to chill at the beach and eat sweet watermelons? Yep. But to Tel Aviv’s bar connoisseurs and music fanatics summer means one more thing – Teder’s back!

The fourth season of this popular popup bar & online radio takes it to a new level at a unique location – ¬†an urban courtyard in the south of town. It’s situated right in the middle of Romano House, a crumbling building of several floors with old school clothing shops lining the ground level.

This year’s Teder leaves an impression on everyone. A friend who walked in at peak hours described it as getting a massive slap on the face. He must have been talking about the packed young crowd and the groovy music blasted from the radio van. Myself, I looked around as a big smile came over my face, muttering ‘cool’ uncontrollably.

Catch a seat if you can on a second hand chair and enjoy a refreshing pint of Maccabi lager. Look up and see a piece of the night sky and video art loops projected on windows. If you have the munchies the food cart may satisfy your cravings with an all natural popsicle, hummus, or some toast.

Look for Teder’s entrance on Jaffa Road, right across from HaKishon Street. It’s only open at night since the surrounding businesses operate by day. Come early if you want to guarantee a seat, and checkout their online radio even if you can’t make it. The bar will close at the end of September 2013, so get a drink while it’s there.

Teder smartphone photo by Daniel Paikov