Teder Bar & Radio – Season #2

Teder was born in the summer of 2010 in the minds of two similar minded nightlife/ party promoting crews from Tel Aviv.

Both “Tabac” (itai drai and Zack bar) and “Hargol” (Shlomi Zidan and Dror Sher) always had a dream to run an underground radio station; this dream came true in the summer of last year.

Teder is a pop up radio bar – an internet radio station that broadcasts live for four months every summer from the gallery next to the great synagogue in Tel Aviv. But the thing with Teder is that it is also a bar set around the station so that you can sip on a cold beer while listening to the tunes and watching what’s going on in the studio.

Ton's of cool vibes - Teder

After a crazy first season last summer, Teder is back for another summer, this time bigger, faster and stronger. For this season Teder will broadcast 24/7 with a roster of show hosts and guests from the cream of Israel’s music underground.

Other than great music and a nice place to catch the vibe and have a drink, Teder is also a boutique records and books store and a place to grab a quality snack (with the menu put together by Eyal Shani, one of Israel’s most known Chefs).

You can listen to the station at, or better yet, if you are in Tel Aviv drop by to feel the vibe.

Har – Sinay 6, Tel-Aviv