Tailor Made – Nightlife & Video – by HiGH Magazine –

Tailor made is not just saying… Opened earlier this year across the big synagog on Allenby street, for an instant you have the feeling you’re no longer in town.

Just Press Play!

2 bars – 1 for smokers – garden – Food for every apetites – vegans – Nice wine list – Excellent Cocktails –

A little bit of history: If you’re asking yourself why Tailor made is called so, it’s in honor of Stefan Brown. For many years (back in the 60’s-70’s), this man was a tailor making furs for politicians and the high society in Tel Aviv. When he came out of the closet, announcing he was gay, politicians turned their back on him, well not exactly… but  stopped ordering from him and he later opened a restaurant, famous for its meat. Everybody knew about it. The restaurant is now sitting on the other side of the window visible from the garden of the Tailor Made… “Tailor Made” is kind of a wink to the man aswel as the level of expectation the owners look for… Enjoy!