A windy day at the Nostalgic Mezizim Beach, Tel-Aviv

When I get to Mezizim beach, the first thing I think about is the Shower scene from the classic cult movie “Mezizim” The showers are still located at the same place, but the beach is changed totally, still, you get the feeling of Classic Tel-Aviv.

Mezizim beach for me is a place to go to during the week, it is packed and very noisy during the weekend but some people like it – not my style.

The beach is the most northern beach in the city and the last one before the “Namal”. Its full of plastic chairs and has a really big beach restaurant that holds live shows and parties from time to time in the summer.

The Reason I DO find myself going to Mezizim is the amazing secret spot to Eat Jachnun located right behind the beach and called  Miriam’s Jachnun. After I eat the Morning Jachnun, walking to another beach just seems impossible đŸ™‚

[toggle title_open=”what is a Jachnun?” title_closed=”what is a Jachnun?” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]Jachnun is a classic Yemenite dish prepared from rolled dough which is baked on very low heat for about 10 hours or so. The dough is rolled out thinly, After the long time in the oven It turns a dark amber color and has a slightly sweet taste.[/toggle]

Great Tel Aviv Beach

There are 2 kinds of beach people in the world, the ones that like them all to themselves, and the ones that like a good crowded beach party! Topsea beach that can also be called Hilton beach is a spot that fits both people.

Topsea beach is right under the Hilton hotel and is a very calm place during the week, with quiet music or reggae playing in the background this place is a must for a beer and a sunset time swim.

Hilton Beach during the weekend…

If you are more of a party person Hilton Beach is the place for you on the weekend, It’s a Different place totally, the music turns house and the people are now mostly not from Tel Aviv, this place during Fridays and Saturdays is literally a party.