A windy day at the Nostalgic Mezizim Beach, Tel-Aviv

When I get to Mezizim beach, the first thing I think about is the Shower scene from the classic cult movie “Mezizim” The showers are still located at the same place, but the beach is changed totally, still, you get the feeling of Classic Tel-Aviv.

Mezizim beach for me is a place to go to during the week, it is packed and very noisy during the weekend but some people like it – not my style.

The beach is the most northern beach in the city and the last one before the “Namal”. Its full of plastic chairs and has a really big beach restaurant that holds live shows and parties from time to time in the summer.

The Reason I DO find myself going to Mezizim is the amazing secret spot to Eat Jachnun located right behind the beach and called  Miriam’s Jachnun. After I eat the Morning Jachnun, walking to another beach just seems impossible đŸ™‚

[toggle title_open=”what is a Jachnun?” title_closed=”what is a Jachnun?” hide=”yes” border=”no” style=”default”]Jachnun is a classic Yemenite dish prepared from rolled dough which is baked on very low heat for about 10 hours or so. The dough is rolled out thinly, After the long time in the oven It turns a dark amber color and has a slightly sweet taste.[/toggle]


Drunken night’s at the Barbunia Bar, Ben Yehuda, Tel-Aviv

The thing about the Barbunia is that for most people and especially the tourists, its the big simple restaurant that serves great salads and fresh fish, but this post is about the Barbunia Bar, on the other side of the road….

Yes it smells like hash!

The Barbunia Bar is one of those spots in the city that has a free spirit, and you won’t see people getting tickets because of smoking cigarettes, (yes we have that in Tel-Aviv as well :-() and you can even see a 54 year old dude rolling a joint with a few 23 years old waitresses..

If you have a problem with tight places filled with loud drunk people that are looking for someone to roll a joint with, then stick to the restaurant. However, if you wanna get a taste of the old Tel-Aviv, The bar is just for you!

Another small shot session at the Barbonia!!

A few days ago we celebrated a birthday to a friend there, and it was a classical night at the Barbunia, we arrived, chowed down some great seafood and salads, got drunk from pure Vodka and got very load around our table!

Pictures of friends around the Bar!!

friends pictures hanging on the Barbunia Bar

From a night of just showing up to say “Mazal-Tov” it turned into a wild night of Huging Kissing and a bit of Face slaping..Woke up a day after with a headake and declered the Barbunia a great place once again!

Barbunia Bar

192 Ben Yehuda St.