Amazing View From Isrotel Tower!

Took this video from the Tallest pool in Tel-Aviv, The Isrotel Tower!!
It has an amazing view of the city 360 degrees and people on the boardwalk are small as ants…What a great day!

Lala Land Beach on the Boardwalk, Tel-Aviv

What’s great about the Lala Land is that in the summer time it’s full of tourists, so if you’re on your way to Tel-Aviv, this would be a terrific spot to meet up other travels in Israel and get some info, Tips and have fun together.

The Lala is Preaty much the biggest beach on the Boardwalk and has endless chairs and beds to lay around in the sun, it also has a nice restaurant and cafe for evenings and sunset time.
If you are in Tel-Aviv on a business trip, the Lala Land has free Wi-FI so you can catch up on your Emails while checking out the beautiful beach at morning time..

Lala Land Beach
Bar Gordon Beach
Tel: 03-5293303