The Gordon Pool Next to the Tel-Aviv Marina

It seems like everywhere you look lately there is something brand new and fun in the city, Until about a year ago if you wanted to hang out in a marina you needed to go to Herzelia.

But now after the opening of the Landver Cafe next to the Gordon pool, there is a great place to sit in and enjoy a cup of coffee and a Marina view.

The Gordon Pool is located right under Atarim Square and has recently gone under a serious renovation that made it look fantastic.
Right next to the pool is the new Landver cafe that opened this summer and has a view to the boats in the Marina, I don’t know why, but I usually go to check out this spot early on a Friday when I’m really hung over. (go figure…)

What you see in the video is me riding my bike from Gordon beach north and taking a left at the pool, A thing you should do as well 🙂