Andromeda Hill in Old Jaffa – Fantastic View point

Since this is the first post of this site, I decided to start with a more must see locations. And Andromeda hill top in old Jaffa is just that kind of place. Located in the northern edge of the old city, this hill top view is a great place to ride your bike to and chill out on a sunny day! With a killer view to the TLV boardwalk and skyline, it’s a fantastic place for a visit!

Perfect place for a TLV Summer day..

On this great looking summer day, I rode my bike to this hill and stayed for a while, While looking at happy tourists kissing and getting all romantic I was amazed how many tourists spots there are around old Jaffa.

This view point is minutes away from beautiful churches and musk’s. It is also located just near the Old Jaffa City that is an amazing place to spend a day. I suggest sitting in the cafes and shopping around for a few gifts.

However, also, take the time and just “chill” in front of this view, it truly is a magical spot, especially during weekdays when its quiet..