Tel Aviv Vintage digger’s guide – Part 1.

We’re excited to announce a brand new posts line – specially for you, fashion lovers. We all know mainstream is not a trendy thing, that is why we are ready to provide you with some fashionable (and budget-friendly!) places to shop for unique pieces for your wardrobes and keep it telavivian way. First stop – Vintage and Second hand market on Dizengof square, that opens it’s doors for gold vintage diggers every Tuesday from 12:00 till 23:00 and Friday from 7:00 till 17:00.


   If you’re searching for retro styled dresses, vintage accessories, Adidas sweatshirts or Levi’s denim  – I mean all those things that only get better with years – that’s the right place to find them for some really affordable prices. Take a look at stands/suitcases full with reduced to 10-50 shekels pieces – you can find adorable treasures there too. If you get lucky and your flea market digging skills are high, you can even find some designer’s shoes for ridiculous price among the stands.





   From the other side of the square you’re invited to a wonderful world of flea market treasures – israeli old stamps, postcards, old coins, home decorations, retro street signs, to sum up – everything that your traveller’s soul could consider as keeping a local secret inside great souvenir. The prices on some pieces can reach sky high, so don’t hesitate to bargain – it’s a flea market fun time!:)




From Rabin Square to Gordon Beach – Ben Gurion Avenue

Ben Gurion is located at the north of the city, it starts close to Rabin Square and from there it goes on up until the beach, passing through Avenue cafe’s as Cafesito and Espresso bar Dizengoff.

The Hottest spot on Ben-Gurion is on the corner of Dizengoff where there a few places to check out:

  • Espresso Bar – A very central view on the street. Heavily populated by people who many to look at other people and vice versa.
  • Gotcha – Cheap Seafood and a great view on the street
  • Bar Gurion – Sandwiches right on the Avenue
  • Tamara Juice – Any juice you could think of in the world in a a small and great looking venue Juice Bar!

Just after the very heavy packed corner of Dizengoff comes the Corner of Ben-Yehuda street, a popular street for the French Tourists. On this corner, there is a nice cafe/bar called the Booshcafe filled with Tel-Aviv locals.

A great time to walk on Ben Gurion and check out these places is on Fridays at noon when it’s packed both of people that came to drink some white wine or beer in the sun, and other people with wet swimsuits that are walking back and forth to the beach.

Ben Gurion has become Tel-Aviv at it’s best in the last 2-3 years….Enjoy it!

Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv – A Street for Everyone!

You can’t be in Tel-Aviv without visiting a few times to Dizengoff, Theres just too much to do on the street. Dizengoff is a “mix” street, it has many kinds of people, areas and things to do…

Dizengoff Street is divided into 3 zones:

Dizingoff Center area to Kikar Dizengoff:

A very noisy area all around Tel-Aviv’s old shopping mall – Dizengoff center.
In this area, many of the people, you’ll meet are not from Tel Aviv, its where out of the city people come and do their shopping.
This area starts in The Shopping mall and ends around Kikar Dizengoff.

Frishman Street to Arlozerov Street Area:

Between these 2 streets most of Dizingoff shopping takes place, there are tons of shops, it’s a mix of very stylish shops along together with really cheep bargain shops. This area has also tons of fast food places and coffee shops.

Arlozerov Street to Yimiyaho Street:

As soon as get to Arlozerov, you’ll notice the change in the street’s atmosphere. The shops are now more boutique style, and the sidewalk is full of different people, even the coffee shops are now with a different kind of people.
This area has many designer shops and the shops get more expensive as you walk more north..

What do i recommend for Dizengoff Street?

  • Eat Sabich Frishman on frishman street – Great Israeli Fast food (worth the line!)
  • Buy a Tee at Torso T-shirts (close to Frishman street corner) – Great T-shirt concept shop.
  • Dress up at Block 190 (close to Gordon street corner) – A very stylish clothing shop.
  • Drink coffee at the Espresso bar on the corner of Ben-Gurion Avenue – Great view on Dizengoff.
  • Drink a shake in the juice stand on the corner of Ben-Gurion Avenue!
  • Go drink a beer in the Mate bar – close to Jabotinsky Street
  • Go drink a beer in the Servesa bar (Armadillo icon on the door) – close to Ben-Gurion Avenue.

Remember, Dizengoff is for everyone, if you didn’t have fun on it, it’s probably because you’ve spent your time in the wrong area of it that doesn’t fit you 🙂

Dizengoff has it all!

Yirmiyahu Street on the corner of Dizengoff

A really “packed” spot at the north of the city is where Yirmiyahu Street meets Dizengoff Street, Yirmiyahu itself is a great location with nice spots to go out to, mixed with places to eat.

The corner of these 2 streets connects a few places worth checking out:

  • Roza Bar – Small 2 floor bar with a “pickup” bar vibe to it
  • jeremaya – Across the road from the Rosa, Great Coffee shop with a crowd of great looking people.
  • Moving Cafe – A very stylish and cool Cafe place+DVD store

What’s cool about this location is that it’s happening at almost every hour of the day, it’s a great place to eat breakfast, drink a beer at noon and also good throughout 1-2 am… Check it out.