Great Saturday Party at the Container, Jaffa Port

Here in Tel-Aviv it seems that lately everyone is talking about the Container, a seafood restaurant located in the old Jaffa port and next to a vintage fish restaurant called “the fishermen’s restaurant”.

The first thing that hit me about the place is that it’s not another restaurant with a million dollar invested into the design, The feel of the place is that they took an old Yaffo Port Building and just built the restaurant in it, keeping all the authentic looks.

The Walls are filled with great Graphic work (and so is the toilet :-)) the tables and chairs…Simple and clean and the service and food are as good as they get. However, today I’m going to tell you more about the party that took place last Saturday.

Saturday Party @ the Container Restaurant

Started just before Sunset, the sound had an underground vibe to it, house music a little latin vibe the party seemed great but still a bit quiet.
After about an hour the sunset was over and the place filled up really good, the music stayed good all night and at one point the bar tables were moved out of the place to bring more room for the dancing crowd which was getting bigger by the moment 🙂

About 4-5 drinks later (and some ice cream that was given out) the atmosphere got even better, and by the time I left the place i knew that I will be back at the container again real soon 🙂

Check it out yourself…
The Container
Jaffa port, Hangar N.2