Rothschild 12, Great Place with a great Tel-Aviv Vibe!

Just as I and 2 friends got of the Taxi in Rothschild Avenue one of my friends said “wow this place is packed, I was sure all the city’s people are home like me, watching TV”. Tel-Aviv, as always was packed, and it was Sunday night!

(Israeli’s work Sundays, so that makes it the first day of the week, so if you hate Mondays, We Isrealis hate…..Sundays!)

So How’s the Rothschild 12 Like?

We walked on the Avenue Until we almost got to Herzel street, Just before we got to Herzel street we stopped at Rothschild 12, that looks like a totally destroyed and wrecked down old building with a quiet coffee shop in front of it.

However, if you walk inside that cafe and through it, or walk around the back of the building you’ll discover that there is one of the cities coolest bar’s – Rothschild 12.

The place had a killer vibe and also a great design, with a big table right in the middle of the place that kind of makes people sit together and mix.

The DJ was great and we got drunk, at around 11pm a band went up, they were as we say in Tel-Aviv sababa. (cool, nice, all right)

After the show, we walked back home on the avenue still drunk, and told ourselves we should go out on Sundays more. 🙂

Rothschild 12