From German Knight’s to a high end Neighborhood – Sarona, Tel-Aviv

Who would have thought? Germans were here a long time before we ever thought about walking our dogs, jogging and going to the beach 🙂

The Templar Zone is Located Beetween Kaplan street and Haarbaa Street and was a German Neighboorhood around the 1930’s, Since A long time ago the Germans are gone and for years the place was just forgotten. Until about 6-7 Years back when People started seeing the potential of this place, the city turned the whole district into a park, the building were moved (yes, I’m not joking, they were physically moved!) And people started discovering the magic of the place.

Then there was Real-Estate.

It didn’t take long before the Real-Estate Companies started paying attention, and now there is almost no time to enjoy the small romantic park because it’s going to turn into another Exlusive housing project called Sarona.

However, until that happens, if your in the area, and you want another piece of history right in front of your face, check the place out, it truly has a magical feel to it…