TA wateringholes: Under the influence – Stereotype bar

The Stereotype bar

What: Stereotype

Where: Allenby 99

When: every night 10-?

CALLING ALL MISFITS, HAVE WE GOT A PLACE FOR YOU! Stereotype has become the new home base for all the anti-mainstreamers of Tel Aviv.  The blacked out bar on the corner of our beloved Allenby Street, which seems to be making a comeback in “the scene”,  caters to a hipster crowd, who’s only mission in nightlife is to make sure that everyone knows that they are too cool to fit in.

Located in the a building that served as the first court house in Tel Aviv in  1920’s, Stereotype has been able to expose the beauty of the old architecture combined with fresh bar design to give this city a bar with true urban aesthetic.  Not only are they home to some of the best DJ’s around, who are handpicked to play different events on a nightly basis, the bar also boasts a 110 meter street art gallery to make sure that the owners love of arts and music and general awesomeness is not lost on anyone.

Stereotype proves that there can be a place you can go to have a good time and soak up some cultural energy in an intimate and unique bar who will accept you for you, no lines, no snobby front, no stereotypes.

99 Allenby Street
Tel: 0545901891