TA wateringholes: Under the influence – Nylon bar

Nylon bar

What: Nylon

Where: Dizengoff 99

When: every night 10-?

Nylon bar is a brand new diamond in the rough with extreme “stay out late because it’s great” potential.  What does this mean you ask? Well let me give you some background.  I, along with the other hoards of bar-goers in this city, am very choosy about where I can spend an entire evening getting my drink on, so to speak.  This new and what I believe to be red hot bar is located in a space where for the past 2 years bars have come and gone, unsuccessfully gaining the love and loyalty of my fellow Tel-Avivians, but I have an inkling that Nylon is exactly what the doctor ordered because when I walked in to “just check it out for a few” I ended up staying until the wee hours of the morning…and friends, that’s says ALOT.

I got to the pre-opening  of Nylon pretty early, grabbed a seat at the bar and watched the beautiful weirdos of Tel Aviv trickle in and an hour after I had gotten there both the bar and the tables where filled.  The design is a combination of S&M dungeon and artist studio with chains hanging from the ceiling and murals  on the wall and the music is pretty indie (no of the moment pop hits) loud, not crazy dance bar loud but not intimate conversation level either.  You can also find all your favorite regular drinks here too but in accordance with the new trend of bars in the city Nylon has a pretty impressive cocktail menu, so if that’s your thing this spot is aces for it.  The vibe of the crowd there was pretty laid back but a lot of good energy and smiles.  The bartenders also seem to have their stuff together even though the place is so new there were no obvious glitches and the alcohol was flowing smoothly.

All and all, I’m definitely a fan of Nylon and will definitely be a returning customer, go an check it out I have a feeling this bar will be able to grab the attention of the Tel Aviv crowd.