TA watering holes: Off the grid – The Deli

What: Deli

Where: Allenby 47

When: every night 9-…?

Allenby is making its comeback to Tel Aviv glam nightlife starting with Deli.  This swanky cocktail bar is hidden behind an actual deli sandwich shop and with no PR wafting around the city or the in Facebook world not a lot of people really know about it…but that definitely won’t last for long.

After going through the tiny sandwich bar through what looks like a backroom door you enter into a chic bar with the lights turned down low and good music in the background. A menu with an awesome array of cocktails and yummy sandwiches make you immediately want to taste and sip everything!  After a preliminary tasting of some of Deli’s signature food and drink you can make your way deeper into the bar only to discover a huge dance floor complete with a DJ, mini bar and sleek black booths surrounding it all.  This pleasant little surprise boasts a louder tunage and an underground vibe that is a great way to end (or start) the night.

Deli is brand new hidden treasure in the city and is not to be missed.  Go there and discover the pearly black gates of alternative heaven and experience the best of the best of the best, best drinks, best food, best music this city has do offer.  Just remember, this ain’t your mommas deli…

Make sure you check it out!