TA watering holes: Off the Grid – Radio E.P.G.B

Radio E.P.G.B

What: Radio E.P.G.B

Where: Shadal 7 (corner of Yehuda Levi)

When: every night 9-…?

Inside an alleyway and down two flights of stairs you will find yourself in hipster heaven.  The Radio E.P.G.B is the place to be for all the artsy scenesters in the city and have become a staple in Tel Aviv nightlife.

Like the iconic “Mental” bar that came before it the Radio E.P.G.B is becoming an A-list bar in itself for all the kids who had green hair in high school and wear thick glasses.  The alternative rock, classic punk, indietronic music and the funky décor make this place what it is, not to mention the crowd and the bartenders who obviously are responsible for the good vibes that surround this place and swallow you up into and underground experience that you’ll find nowhere else in Tel Aviv.

While this place is definitely not for the mainstream crowd or for the weak at heart it does have a big fan base making it hard to get into during the prime hours so if you want to nab a comfy spot on the bar or at a table get there pretty early and if you want have a the perfect nightcap on a night out get there pretty late.

Inspired by New York CBGB club and brought to life by artists, photographers and music fanatics, the Radio is a one stop spot for an extraordinary night out.

*Sidenote: if you happened to be wondering what E.P.G.B stands for I’ll let you in on a secret…NOTHING. Admittedly by the owners there is no actual meaning but there are several reasons why they used those letters…that you can find out on your own.