TA watering holes: Off the Grid – Micatronix

What: Micatronix

Where: Ben Yehuda 28

When: every night…fun starts late

No flashy sign, no tables set up outside, no bass blasting through the sidewalk, just a regular and basically unnoticeable door leads you in to the dingy music wonderland that is the Micatronix, but not before you’re buzzed in.
Intriguing right?
Unless you know about this spot or someone takes your there, you’d never know it existed, but that’s the beauty of it, enough people know it’s there for it to be a central hotspot for our too cool for school Tel Avivi crowd, but you’ll never have to wait in line to get in or get your hand stamped to get out.  Totally not designed but filled with good energy , the “Mica” offers different DJ’s nightly who rock out the joint with indie techno electro goodness and a cash only bar with cheap drinks to go along with the cheap thrills vibe.

Heres a great video taken from the last underground party that mechatronics did with Tapud & Yod:

This lovely little crawl space of a bar is a must.  Get to know the people there and you’ll have an automatic in to some of the coolest parties in the city, inside the bar and out.  The Micatronix believes in the simple power of good people, good music and good energy…is there anything more you could ask for in a bar? Check it out…

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