TA watering holes: Hipster nation

Volume I

What: Zinger bar

Where: Mazeh 49 (corner of Yehuda HaLevi)

When: Nightly from 21:00 -…?

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nly 5 minutes from the oh so trendy Rothchild boulevard there is a tiny neighborhood bar that can only be found because of the guard sitting on a stool outside pointing to a sign that says “quiet please”, but the minute you walk in to blacked out bar you know that the last thing you will be having is quiet evening. With different DJ’s nightly and a cool neighborhood vibe it’s impossible not to become addicted to the Zinger.  The familiar faces all around really give the feeling that you’re just going over to a friend’s house for a couple drinks, only with better and louder music.

There’s no mainstream yuppiness on this corner and it’s not tough to get in, just stroll in grab a seat on the bar or find a spot on the couches with some other Zinger dwellers and feel at home.  On weekends (Thursdays & Fridays) it’s a bit more crowded than on a weeknight and the music goes a little more mainstream but for the most part the tunes wafting through the air are indie-rock with a little electro mixed in, giving you a refreshing change of pace from the “Tralalala” of some other bars in Tel Aviv.

Adding to the goodness of this bar is definitely the chilled out crowd that has made this local bar a second home for the kids in the hood.  Everyone is around 25 or older and just comes to the Zinger for a good time with friends and even on the craziest nights you won’t find any girls who forgot to put their underwear on dancing on bars or greasy guys trying to hit on you no matter where you turn, just smiling, drunken faces.

In the 2 years that the Zinger bar has been up and kickin, it has managed to keep its good music, good energy, and good service in check so that locals always have a bar that they can count on.  It has also become quite popular with Israeli and international celebs alike, there have been spottings of Bar Rafaeli and even Gerrard Butler there!  Anyway, all this good stuff mashed up into one place makes for a great night out…and if it’s a really good night, hopefully you won’t remember it.

Rating on the Hipst-o-meter: Hipster Lite (just be yourself)