TA Watering Holes-Hipster Nation III

Volume III

What: The Milk Bar

Where: Rothchild 6 (corner of Hertzl St.)

When: Every night…starts up at around 11:00

This uber-cool bar is hidden away in an alley which is the continuation of Rothchild off of Herzel street.  Connected by an underground tunnel to its afterhours sister club the “Breakfast” (which we’ll get into another time) the Milk bar is a fabulously trendy way to spend an evening with friends listening to the best and a newest electro-pop and new wave rock music while downing a drink or two.

The kitchy hipster haven is designed to look and feel like a downtown loft, complete with a living room, kitchen, and even the DJ has his own bedroom.   While the music blasts sit back and make yourself comfortable but make sure to dress the part because you will be undoubtedly be  surrounded by  impeccably dressed Tel-Avivis, both staff and customers alike, that look like they just walked off a photo shoot.

There’s not much to say about the Milk bar, to just one of those places you have to see to believe.  Highly recommended and picked as one of the best bars in Tel-Aviv, you don’t want o miss out on what could be a very interesting night, trust me, because when the milks all gone you still have “breakfast” to look forward to…

Rating on the Hipst-o-meter: Extreme (live and breathe hipstosity)