TA watering holes: Hipster Nation II

Volume II

What: Taxidermy Bar

Where: HaRakevet 16 (near Yehuda Halevi street)

When: Every night…usually begins to pick up around 11

A room filled with dead, stuffed animals on walls isn’t usually my idea of a fun place to hang around in BUT I’ll make an exception for the Taxidermy bar.  This bar is hidden in a dark, quiet, parking lot and not every Tel Avivi knows it exists even though it’s been around for over a year.   The music is awesome and the good vibes of the customers and staff rounds out the Taxidermy experience to an A++.

On any given night the DJ’s are bound to blow you away with an ice cream sundae of music; rock sprinkled with the classics, topped off with the latest indies sensations, with electro swirled in and the cherry on top is undoubtedly the fact that there is no way you’ll hear any mainstream hits that you mostly likely hear 30 times on the radio that day.  The other  “Taxi” inhabitants make the night even more worth it, giving you the feeling that you been transported to a realm of super coolness, where everyone reeks of hipster energy.

The bar itself is just another aspect that will make you want to visit this spot on at least once a week.  Like I said before, as a vegetarian and an animal lover it’s a bit unnerving for me to be in a dark space covered in animal carcass and such but I just can’t enough of the big black couches and the outside garden area that would make anyone feel like you’re at house party, you know the kind that you talk about for days.

There won’t be a time that you get to the Taxidermy and feel bored or want to make it an early night, there’s always someone to talk to or a good looking bartender making sure your cup is never empty, whether you’re walking, stumbling, or being carried out you’ll have a smile on your face and hankering for more.  This bar is definitely worth a visit, or two or three, whatever you do in Tel-Aviv, hipster or not make it your business to check it out!

Rating on the Hipst-o-meter: Medium (fun for everyone!)