TA watering holes: Going up the mainstream – YaYa Bar

Volume I

What: YAYA

Where: Ben Yehuda 3, corner ofAllenby

When: Summertime…every night 9-? / Saturdays begin at 6….(get there early!)

For all of you super chic mainstream music lovers this is the place to be.  Brand spankin new and filled with the prettiest faces and the hottest bods in Tel Aviv, the YAYA club feeds the summertime hankering for some sweating dancing with strangers.

Located in the Migdalor building, you’ll have to wait in line with a sea of Abercrombie & Fitch wearing guys and scandalously clad ladies to get in, if you get in at all.  The other option being know someone on the inside, you definitely have a better chance of getting down to a Ke$ha remix that way.  Once you’re in grab a bartender’s attention, get your drink and revel in the feeling of be ing one of the popular kids inside the club dancing to the boom boom of the pop tunes or mingle out on its huge rooftop deck overlooking the sparkling city (not to mention the face that you catch a nice breeze in the midst of the thick humidity).

All in all, the joint checks out.   It’s a good time for a once in a while kind of outing but be warned it gets old  very quickly, so spread your YAYA visits out over the summer so that you’ll always have a good time and keep the YAYA motto alive “making fun funner”.