TA watering holes: Going up Mainstream – Sublet Roof Lounge

Volume II

What: Sublet

Where: Koifman 6

When: Summertime…every night 9-? / Saturdays begin at 6….(get there early!)


This trendy summertime hangout has been on the Tel Aviv map for the better part of three years and has become a magnet for the tourist invasion and beautiful Tel Avivi mainstreamers alike.  The rooftop lounge/club boasts a picturesque view of the ocean and a sleek & sexy style that has proven to stand the test of time with our ever fickle locals.

What sets this hot spot apart from the other mega-mainstream bars is that there is only an outdoor deck, no indoor space, which means that the sounds of the latest summer sensation music hit are played at a (relatively) low volume, which can really make the whole experience of watching the breathtaking Tel-Aviv sunset on a Saturday evening pretty enjoyable, but the view of Yaffo or the Mediterranean are not the only nice thing to look at around these parts…the crowd definitely is no eyesore.  The painstaking exclusive selection can make anyone who doesn’t look the part think twice about they wear next time they leave the house.  For those lucky enough to make it to the top, so to speak, they’ll be lucky enough to sip a cocktail and mingle with the crème de la crème of TLV.

So, if you wanna feel a little prim and proper for the night hit the Sublet for the mainstream crowd with a cool loungy twist…and if all else fails at least you have plenty of pretty things to look at!