Sunny Friday at the Shine Cafe, Tel-Aviv

The shine cafe is located at 35 King Solomon (HaMelech Shlomo) St, and has always seemed to be a bit too “high class” for my Friday noon’s, But today, when a few friends of mine sat there, I joined them before hitting the beach, and I loved every moment of it!

The waitresses were very nice and the service was really good, but the thing i liked best about the shine was the location and design. The Shine is designed in a very comfortable way, with chairs on the outside, great bar on the inside and an amazing open to the street balcony.

The whole place had the sun shining on it and the people were mostly local that seem to go to the place regularly, (a thing I might start doing myself :-))

My friends had a great time drinking coffee and breakfast and then cold beers. One of my good friends met a nice looking girl, and after 2 hours at the place we were ready to hit the beach – Alma each.

To be continued…