Street Life

Tel Aviv wouldn’t be a city that never sleeps without coffee, a lot of coffee. It’s dotted with cafes to chill and recharge your (mobile) battery. You actually have to choose where to get your fix. Life in Tel Aviv is hard.

Try The Streets on the corner of King George & HaNevim. It’s one of the city’s buzziest cafes where lovely waitresses serve a mix of locals from high schoolers to moms with trolleys. Outside smokers puff away their troubles while upstairs students are Facebooking on their laptops.

What makes The Streets different than the rest of them is a paradoxical combination between high quality & keeping it real. Set in a busy corner in the heart of Tel Aviv, its feng shui is energetic and a-happening. You know they take their coffee seriously though since espressos arrive with a shot of sparkling water on the side.

Food is a little pricier than your average neighborhood cafe, but also tastier. Even the fries are excellent and you can get a beer when you’ve had enough of the black liquid. There’s a vegan menu plus lunch and nighttime specials.

The Streets is open 24/7, a great place to relax with WIFI before a late hour flight. There are 2 other branches at 20 Ashtori Hafarhi near Bazel street and 114 Ibn Gvirol Street.