Soulico, Spreading Great Vibes (and music) in Tel-Aviv

Soulico formed around 2000, the four members of Soulico are DJs Sabbo, Rob, Shimmy Sonic and Wido. the group spins rocking beats that masterfully fuse hip hop, reggae and dancehall to Israeli folk and disco from the 1970’s.

This group was first an underground sensation, playing all over Tel-Aviv best underground clubs such as The Block and Barzilay. A handful of great mix-tapes and many parties later, Soulico was awarded Israel’s top DJ prize, driving their breakout radio hit and ringtone favorite “Lo Tzipiti”

Since 2004, soulico are on a tight schedule, representing Tel-Aviv city all over the globe with there live shows and handling¬† production for Israel’s biggest stars.

Their debut album, Exotic on the Speaker, is another Israeli Groove Masterpiece and when traveling to Tel-Aviv look up one of there live shows to really get the vibe going!