ShuShu Underground Bar (Under Yogurt..)

Just recently, I went to Paris Mmmmm…Sorry no I mean Ben-Yehuda street to visit a friend, After Casually sipping down 2-3 drinks I told him I feal like going somewhere to get a drink, He told me that were gonna go and check out the ShuShu, (Hebrew slang for keeping something on the down low and not talking about it too much) that was located right near his house..

The Shushu Hit the spot that night, electronic music, nice people ….We were drunk as hell and after sharing some “strange” water with other people we really had fun.

But what was really nice about that night?

The entrance, the Shushu is located under the yogurt shop in Ben Yehoda street (nice :-)), right on the corner of Yirmiyahu street. Get in, take the door on the right and do your thing…It’s fun…Enjoy yourselves.