Parking In Tel-Aviv, Its a war out there!

If it’s your first time in Tel-Aviv with a rented car you are going to get a ticket, and I’m truly sorry about that 🙁 but maybe if you know the really weird rules of parking in this crazy city, you might pass on that fine..

Getting parking fines for us people in the city are just a part of life, and I even have a friend who looks at new places being built in the city and telling me that “this beautiful place is being built from all those parking tickets I got!”  Even though, is time we understand these rules…

So, What are the rules of parking in Tel-Aviv?

Colors? What are those blue, red and white?

The sidewalks in Tel-Aviv all are painted with colors, well not all of them, if you found just a grey sidewalk with no paint on it, it’s like a mirage! a free parking space!
However, most of the sidewalks are painted to ether in red and white that means that the parking is prohibited and parking, here is taking a big chance for your car to be toed, and I would take that chance only for an hour or two in the middle of the night.

The other color is Blue and White, which means that parking is available but with this “available” comes a few twists…

The rules of the Blue and White:

The Tel-Aviv City Hall divided the city into area’s by numbers. Every area resident has a sticker on his car stating that he is local, and by that he is allowed to park in the blue and white sidewalks in his area any hour of the day.

If a person doesn’t have an area sticker (or has one, but not for this area) and wants to park in that area, there are sighs in the beginning of each street (sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right) that state the hours of the day that you can park your car. These signs will state the hours that parking is free and also the hours parking that needs some king of payment such as “easy park” “cello park” or parking stamps.

Now let’s break this down to a step by step manual:

  • 1. Drive slowly and hunt that parking spot
  • 2. Skip the red and white, that will get you a heavy ticket.
  • 3. Once you find the blue and white look for the parking sign.
  • 4. Understand what are the free hours and the payment hours.
  • 5. If it’s payment hours, use the card, cello-park or easy-park.

*Cello-park is a phone number you call from your cell phone allowing you to park for about 4 hours with a small payment per hour deal.

*Easy-park is a small device you buy and hang on your window, when turning on the device it gives you a 4 hour parking
*parking scratch tickets are tickets you buy at a local store and scratch then stick on your window, every ticket gives you an hour. (Lot’s of scratching!)

We hope you now know a bit more about the survival tactics of parking in Tel-Aviv, we hope you save that 100nis on getting a blue and white ticket or the 500nis and car toe you will save on the red and white..Have fun!!

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  1. I like very much this site, almost as much as I love the city to Tel Aviv.
    I enjoyed reedig.
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