Multi millionaires, nudists and a great sunset, Arsuf Beach, Shefayim

When Tel-Aviv people talk about Arsuf Beach in Shefayim, they talk about two things, The unbelievable villas that are just meters from the beach and the fact when going to the northern part of the beach you’ll walk into nude people, but the beach is more than that.

Arsuf Beach, Shefaim

Usuriously, I didn’t even hear about Arsuf before the beach was turning into a real-estate venture for multi-milioners, still, they didn’t destroy it totally and the place has a great vibe and worth checking out.

Most people of the city usually hit this beach during Fridays and Saturdays so you won’t be alone on the beach, but it will be less crowded than city.
During the weekdays, the beach is so empty you’ll feel as if you can walk around naked, and some people actually do that right on that beach 🙂

Arsuf is a bit of a struggle to get to, especially if you are bringing lots of gear with you, the beach has a steep hill to go walk down and the parking is not exactly Malibo, still, this is what makes it fun as well.

How to get to Arsuf and Shefayim?

Drive north, 5 minutes after you pass Herzelia,stick to the right until you see the exit for Shefayim, Take a left at the Square and after the tunnel another left at the Square, drive until you see the turn to Arsuf, and from there Its best to ask – that’s how we Israelis do it 🙂