Margoza Street near the Yaffo Flea Market

The Yaffo Flea Market is a fantastic place to do your shopping, it has antique stores that sell vintage furniture next to new boutiques that have designer clothing, the Flea market looks like it has been taken out of an old movie.

For years this place was great during the day but was totally sketchy to come here at night, that’s all changed now! Margoza and pua, located both near margoza street, is a true Tel Aviv hotspot!

The Street Party!

However, the time you really want to be around this street is on holiday street parties, such as the purim costume party and the liberty day party! The street gets packed with drunk happy celebrating people and its a great party.

Sorry the video is sideways, I was drunk at the time taking it 🙂
If you know what song this is, please tell me, I’m still looking for it!!