Jabotinsky on the corner of Dizengoff, Tel-Aviv, Great Location on a warm day!

“Sometimes things are right under your nose, and you just can’t notice them”, that’s what I told myself when I was taking my coffee and Almond Korason at the Love-it Cafe at Jabotinsky Street.

I was working with my Computer on the tables outside and the cafe was packed with people of all shapes and sizes. The Summer is just starting but people are already tanned and smiling especially because it’s a holiday today, (Shavoot) and people are not working.

Right in front of us is the Famous Cafe Michal where me and my friend noticed a few Tel-Aviv Celebrities enjoyed their drinks as people walking Dizengoff street, were staring at them.

A few things to know about this spot are that:

  • It’s really close to the beach, so come early then hit it!
  • Great shopping on Dizengoff area right near it.
  • Cafe Michal right on the corner is a great spot to see some telaviv celebs (and rent’s bikes!)
  • If you want to explore more, just cross the road get on a number 5 taxi or bus and in 5 minutes you are somewhere else!