Hot night’s at the Sublet, Tel Aviv Bars

Wow, it’s HUGE up here…

Iv’e noticed that in August people divide into 3 when in the Sublet, one third is complaining about how hot it is and every 2-3 minutes are amazed by the amount of sexy ladies all over the place,  the other third is complaining about the heat and every 2-3 minutes noticing the amount of good looking guys…

And the last third, sitting around tables and just chilling, (those were us last night)
We started the night at the sublet with a cold bottle of Vodka and after we finished it, we moved on to the second one, making the move to the next club very easy….


in conclusion:

While the Sublet is very big very mainstream and sometimes very hot, it is full of beautiful people and tourists who really.. REALLY want to meet someone….Also keep in mind that it’s in front of the ocean, take advantage of the place at sunset hours, order your table then….go have fun….:-)