Zimmer, “room” in German, is a fancy shmancy jacuzzi flat screen filled crib, usually located in the north of Israel and rented out to couples for anniversary getaway weekends. This ain’t one of them.

Although about the size of a large room, Tel Aviv’s HaZimmer (the zimmer) is the getaway for the alienated and disjointed. Situated on the invisible border between grungy and hardcore southern Tel Aviv right off of Allenby street, HaZimmer is one of the best spots to catch emerging local indie musicians.

Beer is sold cheaply by the can and music ranges from intricate singer/songwriter to the avant-garde with punk and metal in between. The venue also hosts art and underground events such as a yearly fanzine festival and a cassette festival.

Shows are not on daily, so make sure to check HaZimmer’s website & Facebook page before you go. Entry varies and is usually cheap. HaZimmer doesn’t have a visible sign, just follow the music.