Have you been to the Bootleg?

Along with the Block, Bootleg has the best sound experience in town… That’s one thing! You’re in electro, minimal, late parties…? you’re good to go… It’s dark, electric lights run on the low ceiling beating to the music. You’ll have trouble finding your friends but who cares, you’re here for the music ( It’s definitely not a pick up place… it’s way too dark)…

Many djs’ pass by: John Tejada, Tom Clarke, also great locals… Feel free, the music will take you High, maybe other stuff too… no one cares about you, you can just let it go…


Video features: Bootleg+ a word with Ilya Margulis (owner) (2min)


It’s also one of the rare club in town where you got to pay your entrance… To get discounts like their page on facebook & check out the program. It’s really worth it. You’re looking for quality, you got served

Address: 48 king george St. / Opposite the Dizengoff center.


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