Great drive and even a better place – Ein Hod Artists Vilage

If you want a day out of Tel-Aviv, there are tons of great places to do this, one of my favorite spots is without a doubt Ein-Hod Artists Village. Located on a mountain just in front of Atlit beach, This Village has a million dollar view point.

Ein-Hod has amazing galleries and the options of getting great pieces are very high because the whole place is just packed of art galleries of all kinds.

What I really want to recommend about are two great places i spent time in..

Dona Rosa Restaurant

Great authentic Argentinian restaurant that serves amazing meat with a private grill right to your table! (I had to drink 1-2 espressos just to get to the car after that!)

Homemade Pizza and Beer place

What a great place, the whole thing has an India vibe to it, very simple but still, the homemade beer was great, I didn’t try the pizza, but it also seemed made with love. I enjoyed a live blues show that was right on the spot. The simple things in Life: Pizza, Beer and live music!

What I would really recommend as well is to walk around in the allies of Ein-Hod and breathe in that great vibe the place has. I returned home to Tel-Aviv refreshed and ready for the city for another week 🙂