Good Eats TLV: Fusion Food Fight!

Volume I

What: Hader HaOhel (The Dining Hall)

Where: Shaul HaMelech Boulevard 23

When: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-00:00 Friday-Saturday 11:30-00:00 (but no one will kick you out)

An homage to what the Israeli kibbutz dining experience used to be, Hader HaOhel (The Dining Hall) is a diamond in the rough and has become a hit amongst the hip Tel Aviv crowd.   Situated comfortably outside the famous Cameri Theater this place will be packed with people just waiting to grab a taste of anyone of chef Omer Miller’s mouthwateringly yummy dishes.

The laid back, 21st century cafeteria design of the restaurant make you feel instantly at home.  No uppity trendy kitchiness that makes you want to gag, no dim lighting or holier-than-thou attitude from the staff, just good vibes and a more than inviting atmosphere.  That said, the surprisingly delicious food gives the impression of a five star New York restaurant.  A perfect blend of traditional Israeli dishes,and picks from grandmas recipe box but all with a gourmet twist and tantalizing concoctions by Chef Miller turned me into a bottomless pit. My only goal by mid-meal was to just- keep- eating.  Along with the charm and the food the menu also has variety of Israeli wines to choose from, and we all know that there is nothing better than coupling a good meal with a nice bottle of wine. Don’t forget to save room for dessert…it’s worth it.

Hader HaOchel also offers daily specials and a dynamic menu that about every two months has new dishes added on, making it well worth making a regular appearance.  What makes this place even more tempting and really sets it in stone as a new favorite with locals are the prices! This hot spot is for the masses, young or old, student with loans (living in a tent on Rothchild) or entrepreneur millionaire (living in a penthouse on Rothchild) everyone walks out of the restaurant with full bellies, smiling faces, and cash to spare.