Good Eats TLV: Fusion Food Fight – La Shuk Restaurant

Volume II

What: La Shuk

Where: Kikar Dizingoff  (Dizingoff square)

When: 9:30-2:00


La Shuk with its booming middle-eastern music and savory smells coming from the kitchen it’s no wonder why the once seedy Dizingoff square is being swarmed by our ever fussy and oh so picky Tel Avivi friends.  The new restaurant brings classic middle-eastern flee market charm into the heart of our beloved Dizingoff street, pushing this prime hot spot over the boiling point.

Packed every night, La Shuk is definitely worth waiting in line for.  The tantalizing classic Israeli dishes combined with seafood fusion are obviously part of what makes this place so popular but what really pushes it into the realm of a “must” in Tel Aviv is the great atmosphere it has, everything from the music to the eclectic design turns anyone into a La Shuk addict.

It’s not easy finding a restaurant that has such a cool vibe and good food in a central location and when one comes along it should not be ignored! La Shuk is La Amazing everything from the appetizers to the desserts will leave you wanting more and the all around quality of the food and service makes it worth the prices.  Absolutely get your butts over to La Shuk and enjoy an old world, new age, trendy, retro dining experience.