Garage zone to real-estate heaven – Montifiori neighborhood, Tel-Aviv

A few years back (about 3) I got a call from a friend asking me if I want to buy a house in the Montifiori neighborhood, and I told him his making the mistake of his life, These days his great apartment is getting offers that are 4 times higher than the price he bought it for, and me, well I don’t have a house there…

Where in telaviv is Montifiori neighborhood?

WhMontifiori neighborhood is the area that is between Azrieli center to Yizhak Sade and Menahem begin, It was built around the year 1943 and until 5 years ago turned into a garage, gambling, club and strip club zone.

In the last few years the neighborhood is turning into a great spot, with very higher walls blocking the noise from Ayalon freeway and Shderot Yehodit in the center of the area getting filled with fresh looking houses, restaurants and cafe’s. The garages are being pushed aside, as the Montifiori Area is getting more and more people coming to stay in the neighborhood.

If it’s your first time in Montifiori neighborhood, make sure you go to Shderot Yehodit, (Yehodit Avenue) and sit in the Rothschild Cafe or eat the great Falefal next to it. After that walk around a bit a and check out the Developing zone, you’ll fall in love with it.