From Rabin Square to Gordon Beach – Ben Gurion Avenue

Ben Gurion is located at the north of the city, it starts close to Rabin Square and from there it goes on up until the beach, passing through Avenue cafe’s as Cafesito and Espresso bar Dizengoff.

The Hottest spot on Ben-Gurion is on the corner of Dizengoff where there a few places to check out:

  • Espresso Bar – A very central view on the street. Heavily populated by people who many to look at other people and vice versa.
  • Gotcha – Cheap Seafood and a great view on the street
  • Bar Gurion – Sandwiches right on the Avenue
  • Tamara Juice – Any juice you could think of in the world in a a small and great looking venue Juice Bar!

Just after the very heavy packed corner of Dizengoff comes the Corner of Ben-Yehuda street, a popular street for the French Tourists. On this corner, there is a nice cafe/bar called the Booshcafe filled with Tel-Aviv locals.

A great time to walk on Ben Gurion and check out these places is on Fridays at noon when it’s packed both of people that came to drink some white wine or beer in the sun, and other people with wet swimsuits that are walking back and forth to the beach.

Ben Gurion has become Tel-Aviv at it’s best in the last 2-3 years….Enjoy it!