Delicatessen – The Video Preview

The good combination between european standards and Ashkenazi flavors… You didn’t hear about ‘Delicatessen’? Of course you did, it belongs to the owners of “Brasserie” on kikar Rabin, Hotel Montefiore or Rothschild 12… You can take a chair and eat on the lovely terrasse on Yehuda Halevy or on the first floor. You can as well take away what you bought at the counter and eat it home… You’ll find plates of cheeses, meats, herring, salmon, bread, wines, tableware and all sorts of classic bakery goods, freshly cooked pies, vegetables and more… Every day they change the buffet… Go with all sorts of vegies if you’re a vegan, you’ll find your way…. Prices are more than fare. Between 40-70 /dish for this high class “establishment”. It’s open every day… My only weak point goes to the waiters… they work fast but they could smile a little more. It kind of reminds me of Paris, stupid waiters… Unless it’s what the owners were really looking for ;-)…. You should definitely experience it once anyway…

Press Play, you’ll get it in a second!

Delicatessen          DelicatessenDelicatessen           Delicatessen

Delicatessen           Delicatessen