Cool snickers and great cafe’s – Bugrashov Street, Tel-Aviv

Bugrashov is the up and down Street, leading from Dizengoff center all the way to Alenbi street and finally – The ocean.
The street is famous for cheap shops selling 4 t-shirts for a 100 shekels and 199 shekel shoes. I can’t point out where and how these shops, but I can tell you that one great shop worth checking out is Jiffa. (I think Theres 2 of them now!)

Another thing that sticks out in Bugrashov street is that it’s very young and outgoing. I think the average age on Bugrashov is about 25 and Theres a very “wild feel” on this street and all the small streets around it.

What I would recommend is to come shopping in Bugrashov on Fridays morning and after that to sit in one of the cafe’s, or if you feel like a sandwich, go toward Olive, it’s a great place!