Tourists staying in Tel Aviv Fall in love and stay

Sometimes, As local telavivians we get fed up with how expensive this city has become, and the fact is you need to sell your left leg in order to buy a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. We also are fed up with the politics and the issues of the middle east and just a few weeks ago had alarms and rockets over our head to remind us that we are still at a kind of war.

So, Why are we here? Why do we stay? Why not pack and leave this city?
Well to us it’s obvious, We just cant….. I mean, how can we? this city has it all – Cafes, bars and clubs opened 24/7, Crazy fun people on every corner and a long hot summers on the beach.

Most of all, this city changes all the time and the recent change is the fact that we have new strength coming in, And that strength is the tourists and people that make Aliya and change our city by joining it. In the last 3 years no matter where you go you can hear French, English and Spanish, and to us locals it just makes a great feeling to know that even when it’s tough and crazy out here, there is still something special enough to attract new people to come over – we are still sexy! (in a very strange way)

After we asked around for a bit we felt that there many reasons for new people to be out here, some wanted a great vacation in a vibrant city in the sun, for some it was a life long dream to come back to the holy-land and since they are still human (and humans need to party), tel Aviv was the obvious choice  for them.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is Thank You!
Thank you for the English and french we hear on the street, Thank you for the new shops and cafes you opened, thanks for reminding us how cool this city truly is and that if we want to feel better about being in it, We just need to pretend a little that we are also..tourists.

Random person from tel-aviv.



Tel Aviv ranked Second Best StartUp City in the World

Israel technology is being feted after the events of last week. The Iron Dome was able to successfully protect Israeli citizens by shooting down many of the rockets that were raining down on them.

There is no doubt that Israel is one of the technological capitals of the world. A recent study just ranked it as the number two startup ecosystem by Startup Genome.

Just behind Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv out-trumped bigger hubs such as Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, London and Sydney.

This is no secret – Israel is known at the Start-Up Nation. Start ups such as Waze, Kaltura, Mobli, StartApp, Rounds, Onavo and Gigya have established that Israeli punches above its weight.

In its own right, Tel Aviv is a beautiful city. It sits on the Mediterranean Sea. If you want a cosmopolitan lifestyle that takes the best of all elements, Tel Aviv would be the city for you. Some of the hotels in Tel Aviv are some of the best in the world. It has some incredible restaurants that showcase every cuisine in the world.

For those who like the outdoors, there are parks and walks. There are lots of tracks for cyclists and those who love being on the water will love the surfing and sailing.

Like New York, London, Paris and other great cities of the world, there is a sense of energy in Tel Aviv that something is always happening. It has a great vibe to it.
There is something about the Israeli mentality that sees it really identify with the concept of the Start Up. It is about being creative and having the desire to do something better and in a more innovative fashion.

There is actually a connection between the army and the Start-Up culture. Many Israeli start-ups have risen from relationships forged in the army. Soldiers who have served together have then worked together in civilian life.

The values they had in the army translate very well in the business world. This could be a reason why Israeli start-ups have an advantage. Elsewhere in the world, when people join a company they may just see it a job. They don’t identify with the core values or objectives of it. They arrive at 9, leave at 5 and that’s it.

But the Israeli start-ups may not roll like that. Like in the army, people are constantly striving to improve and do better. There is an emphasis of clear, direct lines of communication and a real sense of teamwork. This urgency allows them to succeed.


Who are Team “tikochel”? (lunch box)

Afik Gabay, a photographer from Tel Aviv. Graduate “Camera Obscura” and “Minshar art school”, started taking pictures during his work for bagels chain ​​ in London.

He worked as Fashion photographer until he realized that Food photography is the right way and represent the true love of photography and then comes the real connection that shows the art of food documentation.

Ines Shilat yanay, a chef from the north Graduate School of Media, came from combination of Italian and Tunisian cuisine; fell in love with the art of cooking since childhood.  After the army she spent several months in Paris and studied the field of baking and dough, over the years began to study and specialize in kitchens from different countries and now also runs cooking classes voluntarily for young people with special needs and also in sign language.

In 2011 Afik met Ines that was in writing stages of her first cookbook and was looking for a “person to record her food as she would like people to really see it”

The first project was launched when Ines  is responsible for the recipes and Afik on dish design, decor and photography.

With every picture that created for the cooking book they realized that the road for a joint blog was only a matter of time.
When the emphasis is on a food blog that connected to earth, nature and traditions and encapsulates it all to a picture “just like it should be showed”

Check out lunch box’s blog –


TA wateringholes: Under the influence – Stereotype bar

The Stereotype bar

What: Stereotype

Where: Allenby 99

When: every night 10-?

CALLING ALL MISFITS, HAVE WE GOT A PLACE FOR YOU! Stereotype has become the new home base for all the anti-mainstreamers of Tel Aviv.  The blacked out bar on the corner of our beloved Allenby Street, which seems to be making a comeback in “the scene”,  caters to a hipster crowd, who’s only mission in nightlife is to make sure that everyone knows that they are too cool to fit in.

Located in the a building that served as the first court house in Tel Aviv in  1920’s, Stereotype has been able to expose the beauty of the old architecture combined with fresh bar design to give this city a bar with true urban aesthetic.  Not only are they home to some of the best DJ’s around, who are handpicked to play different events on a nightly basis, the bar also boasts a 110 meter street art gallery to make sure that the owners love of arts and music and general awesomeness is not lost on anyone.

Stereotype proves that there can be a place you can go to have a good time and soak up some cultural energy in an intimate and unique bar who will accept you for you, no lines, no snobby front, no stereotypes.

99 Allenby Street
Tel: 0545901891