The most pleasant summer bike-paths for the sunset-addicts among us

Sun to your left – This pleasant, calm path is easy riding for a humid late-afternoon in the summer – tropic weather under light influence of anise.

Starting point – The Carleton Hotel going North.

Timing – Begin between 6:00-6:30PM, finish whenever you like.

Riding speed – Between slow and very slow.

Path – Carleton Hotel, Carleton Hotel Beach, Voyeurs’ Beach (Hof M’tzitzim), the Tel Aviv Port, Gandhi Bridge and the Redding Power Station, Sunset Lookout, Tel Baruch Beaches, back to Gandhi Bridge and Redding, turn east towards Yarkon River, turn to Yirmiyahu St., go down to Voyeurs Beach (Hof M’tzitzim), go back to the Carleton Hotel.

Equipment – One bottle filled with 1/3 quality anise + grapefruit juice + fresh mint leaves, all mixed well, that spent a night in the fridge together. Make sure you wear a helmet, and have the following: something to lie down on, a bike-lock, mineral water, suntan lotion, iPod (or the like), and a camera.

Going from the Carleton Hotel towards the Tel Aviv port:

You begin pedaling north, with the sun to your left, on the marked bike path.
The riding is accompanied by the sounds of the ocean, music from the beach, and a lot of cool ocean breeze.
You’ll be able to see the surfers out by Hilton Beach riding the waves and the group of wind surfers also starting to head out.

The Ocean Port by the Carleton Hotel has light boats and yachts that really enhance the panoramic view of the sea.

Under the Hilton Hotel you’ll see TopSea that is a restaurant, surfing center, and all-around great place to watch the boats anchoring and get a great view of the surfers.  In the hot summer nights, they move the tables out of the area to make room for Dub and Reggae concerts.

A lot of the Tel Aviv residents’ sports activities take place on the riding path going north like running, power walking, bike riding, but also sometimes vehicles are permitted on certain parts, so you don’t want to taste the anise until you get to the outlook stop later on.

Voyeurs’ Beach (Hof M’tzitzim) is one of the nicest and sportiest beaches in the area.  In the 70’s, a movie was filmed here that became a cult classic, it is shown every Independence Day, and its leading actors underwent extreme changes like becoming completely religious or social isolationists.  The beach has changed a lot since then; it has become more family-oriented and more commercial.  There is a beach restaurant and bar with Moroccan-style hang-out spots.

But what gets me excited about this beach is the name – M’tzitzim means voyeurs– you really get a good look at the most beautiful Israeli women in their tiny bikinis that come to tan on the beach!  Amazing!

The entrance to the Tel Aviv Port area:

The entrance is seen from an impressive view point.  The port area is a truly incredible commercial area that is one of the most unique out of the entire country.  It operates around-the-clock most days of the year.
The port (which has been active since 1965) is made out of California-style wood parquet boards that are great for bike riding.

Great view to the ocean - Tel-Aviv Port

There are a lot of businesses in the port like event halls, yoga centers, bars, clubs, seafood restaurants, cafes, designer clothing and shoe stores, an international performance center, and activity centers for kids.  There’s also an incredible Farmer’s Market that’s open all week long with an extended version on Fridays.
There is a west-facing lookout point towards the old anchoring point for boats that is no longer active; it’s a good place to rest and wipe off some of the moisture from your skin and take some pictures of the area.  There is also an ice-cream shop right next door which can help cool you down in the summer – definitely recommended.

The bridge that connects the port to tel-barouch beach

It’s very easy to get out of the port area and continue riding north towards Tel Baruch beach.  Just look up for the giant smoke stacks from the Redding power station that are visible for the entire length of the trip.  Next to the station, there is a small bridge called Gandhi Bridge that crosses the Yarkon River from south to north.  After crossing, take a left on the tree-lined path towards the breathtaking lookout by the Yarkon River Estuary.

The time has come to take out the blanket, spread it out on the grass, open the bottle of homemade anise cocktail, and enjoy the view and the tranquility.  Enjoy some rest in one of the most pastoral areas in all of Tel Aviv. After sunset, I recommend to continue about 20 minutes north towards the more isolated beaches at Tel Baruch and to enjoy the breeze and the colors of the sunset.  This is an easy, straight ride along the landing strip of the local Tel Aviv airport.

More next week!



Summer in the middle of October – Tel-Aviv

I don’t know where are you located in the world, but its the 20th of October and most likely its cold as hell and your stuck at home or the office, but here the city is melting and its impossible to work so I’ll write this instead…

F$%ck work, let’s go to the beach…

When I woke up this morning you could fill the heat coming in through the windows and my wife told me it going to be crazy hot, I told her “It’s October” and it just can’t be that warm and put on flip flops just in case she’s right.
Went to start the day at a meeting in a coffee shop near my house then noticed she was right IT WAS DAM HOT IN TEL-AVIV TODAY, so I ordered ice coffee instead of the regular and went on as usually ..

Got to the office building for a workday and noticed how beautiful the women are on the street and inside all wearing close to nothing smelling like perfume, I swear it felt like the beginning of Summer.

After going to lunch and enjoying the sun I sat back in the office and sat in the Air conditioner for two hours, and then I really made the mistake of the day by opening the Tel-Aviv Beach webcam and checking out the beach…

Wow it looks amazing., and its sopoused to be winetr now! Who can work like this? who? By the time I’ll leave this place the sun will set and this day will be behind me forever! It could start raining tomorrow, and today I can go swimming in the ocean.


It’s almost 4, and If I leave the office now I can get to the beach just for sunset time, maybe I’ll do this for myself…I can always finish work later instead of watching TV… YEP, sounds good! (see you later)

The Container – Great Tel-Aviv Jaffa spot!

The new conspiracy of chef Vince Muster, designer Assaf Tavor, and writer Tsur Shezaf.

The Location…

Jaffa port is picturesque, romantic and full of antique atmosphere of past days and smell of the beautiful mediterranean sea. The Jaffa port is a without a doubt, a place that has been needing a place with the look and feel such as the container.
Cheff Vince Mostar and his two associates at the container, Designer Assaf Tavor and Journalist Zur Sheizaf, took one of the industrial warehouses at the Jaffa port and turned it into a place full of  Style, art, music and great seafood by the ocean and fishing boats.

Outside, next to fish on boats and yachts of  the Marina Are scattered tables, some of them built of wood surfaces piled one upon the other, and inside, at the hangar space, a giant circular bar is made of a real container.

Behind the bar an “open air” style kitchen that fills the container with clouds of smoke rising from the iron stove that gives the whole space a wonderful aroma..Mmmmm

Another great designed space in the container is the toilet, (yes yes the toilet!)  that is filled with great graffiti style art. The container is definitely a great Tel-Aviv Jaffa restaurant but the special thing about it, is the ever changing DJs and live shows, mixed with great graphic art, the container is definitely the “it” place to be in…

Make sure you check it out…Open daily from 12:00 into the night

Jaffa port – Next to the boats
Tel. 03.6836321


Great Saturday Party at the Container, Jaffa Port

Here in Tel-Aviv it seems that lately everyone is talking about the Container, a seafood restaurant located in the old Jaffa port and next to a vintage fish restaurant called “the fishermen’s restaurant”.

The first thing that hit me about the place is that it’s not another restaurant with a million dollar invested into the design, The feel of the place is that they took an old Yaffo Port Building and just built the restaurant in it, keeping all the authentic looks.

The Walls are filled with great Graphic work (and so is the toilet :-)) the tables and chairs…Simple and clean and the service and food are as good as they get. However, today I’m going to tell you more about the party that took place last Saturday.

Saturday Party @ the Container Restaurant

Started just before Sunset, the sound had an underground vibe to it, house music a little latin vibe the party seemed great but still a bit quiet.
After about an hour the sunset was over and the place filled up really good, the music stayed good all night and at one point the bar tables were moved out of the place to bring more room for the dancing crowd which was getting bigger by the moment 🙂

About 4-5 drinks later (and some ice cream that was given out) the atmosphere got even better, and by the time I left the place i knew that I will be back at the container again real soon 🙂

Check it out yourself…
The Container
Jaffa port, Hangar N.2