GREEK NIGHT FOR ALL – HaMezeg bar Tel Aviv

   HaMezeg (Ha-me-zeg), noun

Translation – temperament [tem·per·a·ment]

1. The combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; natural predisposition.

2. Unusual personal attitude or nature as manifested by peculiarities of feeling, temper, action, etc.

3. The act of pouring beverages.

4. An awesome bar in Tel Aviv.


Established in early 2012, HaMezeg, located in Ibn Gabirol St. at the corner of Ha-Bashan St., is a popular northern Mediterranean tavern which revolutionized TLV’s drinking culture, as the first bar to introduce the now popular unlimited quality drinking model. The bar offers 5 very lucrative drinking plans from 60NIS to 129NIS (and all shots are only 8 shekels!) so you’re bound to get wasted.

Choose your plan, we’re going in.


Greek Night

On Monday nights the bar transforms into a Greek Taverna. Well not really transforms, more like decorated with Greek flags.

He: Greek night! Takes me back to my college days where I would spend many Sunday mornings wondering why I’m on my friend’s porch and where did my shoes go.

She: Yassou! <breaks a plate>

He: Naturally I chose the “Awesome Mezeg” plan and started pounding Weihenstephan with tequila shots. You can’t really go wrong with any Mezeg plan. The beer, wine, liquor selection is great and Tomer the bartender, who became my bff after 2 beers and 3 shots, was more than accommodating.

She: we ordered 3 dishes: Mazetim- 3 small plates of your choice served with bread, an Eggplant in the oven-comes with tahini on top and a Saganaki- a Greek dish of feta cheese grilled in lemon on top of tomatoes and olives. I just like saying it… saganaki! Sounds like a ninja.


He: The food went well with the drink and music. If you’re not familiar with Greek music, you’re missing out. It elevates the energy levels with joyous authentic Mediterranean sounds. Oh and they had a belly-dancer! A cute one too! No sure if it’s Greek or relates to anything at all but a belly-dancer is a win regardless.


The Vibe

She: No smoking inside! Win! It’s nice to finally sit at the bar, being able to do the basic act of breathing…

He: People are chill and friendly. Even when the place is packed you don’t feel overwhelmed by the combination of locals, small groups of friends, girls who came to relax and guys who are trying to get in their pants.

She: At 10pm the place was packed with a beautiful crowd ages 23+. The variety of sitting arrangements made it easy for anyone to find their spot. You can sit on the deck outside (smoking area), with a group of friends inside or at the bar.


Final Score

She: We are sooooo becoming regular clients of HaMezeg. This place is at a great location and has yummy food and cool atmosphere. Even a non-drinker high on life girl like me had tons of fun on Monday Greek night and my BF finally found a place to take me out to.

He: I honestly didn’t know what to expect before this night, I had my doubts about any place this north on Ibn Gabirol, let alone a popular bar that puts in work from 7pm until late. But I must admit, with a bit of help from Jose Cuervo, the Mezeg won me over.

A place to pregame early or spend a whole night at the bar, the Mezeg is flexible enough to provide a fun night for the “no-I-am-not-drinking-tonight” person as well as the “where-did-the-last-two-hours-go-and-why-is-this-guy-telling-me-about-his-pet-frog” type such as myself.

Either way, chances are you’ll end up drunk and happy by the end of the night.


*All images were taken from HaMezeg’s fb page.


Teder Bar & Radio – Season 4

Summer’s here, and you know what that means. Time to chill at the beach and eat sweet watermelons? Yep. But to Tel Aviv’s bar connoisseurs and music fanatics summer means one more thing – Teder’s back!

The fourth season of this popular popup bar & online radio takes it to a new level at a unique location –  an urban courtyard in the south of town. It’s situated right in the middle of Romano House, a crumbling building of several floors with old school clothing shops lining the ground level.

This year’s Teder leaves an impression on everyone. A friend who walked in at peak hours described it as getting a massive slap on the face. He must have been talking about the packed young crowd and the groovy music blasted from the radio van. Myself, I looked around as a big smile came over my face, muttering ‘cool’ uncontrollably.

Catch a seat if you can on a second hand chair and enjoy a refreshing pint of Maccabi lager. Look up and see a piece of the night sky and video art loops projected on windows. If you have the munchies the food cart may satisfy your cravings with an all natural popsicle, hummus, or some toast.

Look for Teder’s entrance on Jaffa Road, right across from HaKishon Street. It’s only open at night since the surrounding businesses operate by day. Come early if you want to guarantee a seat, and checkout their online radio even if you can’t make it. The bar will close at the end of September 2013, so get a drink while it’s there.

Teder smartphone photo by Daniel Paikov


Have you been to the Bootleg?

Along with the Block, Bootleg has the best sound experience in town… That’s one thing! You’re in electro, minimal, late parties…? you’re good to go… It’s dark, electric lights run on the low ceiling beating to the music. You’ll have trouble finding your friends but who cares, you’re here for the music ( It’s definitely not a pick up place… it’s way too dark)…

Many djs’ pass by: John Tejada, Tom Clarke, also great locals… Feel free, the music will take you High, maybe other stuff too… no one cares about you, you can just let it go…


Video features: Bootleg+ a word with Ilya Margulis (owner) (2min)


It’s also one of the rare club in town where you got to pay your entrance… To get discounts like their page on facebook & check out the program. It’s really worth it. You’re looking for quality, you got served

Address: 48 king george St. / Opposite the Dizengoff center.


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Tailor Made – Nightlife & Video – by HiGH Magazine –

Tailor made is not just saying… Opened earlier this year across the big synagog on Allenby street, for an instant you have the feeling you’re no longer in town.

Just Press Play!

2 bars – 1 for smokers – garden – Food for every apetites – vegans – Nice wine list – Excellent Cocktails –

A little bit of history: If you’re asking yourself why Tailor made is called so, it’s in honor of Stefan Brown. For many years (back in the 60’s-70’s), this man was a tailor making furs for politicians and the high society in Tel Aviv. When he came out of the closet, announcing he was gay, politicians turned their back on him, well not exactly… but  stopped ordering from him and he later opened a restaurant, famous for its meat. Everybody knew about it. The restaurant is now sitting on the other side of the window visible from the garden of the Tailor Made… “Tailor Made” is kind of a wink to the man aswel as the level of expectation the owners look for… Enjoy!